Forward Movement

Strategic Planning

Expansion into our second site has given us renewed vision for what is next for Hope Harbor.   Our governing board and leadership teams from Marshall and Winona met for a strategic planning session in July 2018.


This discussion of our expectations of the ministry rooted in our vision, mission and core values led to the establishment of five operating goals for the development of Hope Harbor.  Read more about these goals below.

Join The Journey

We invite you to join us as we put these goals into action.  Please pray for operational teams!

We welcome your input on our operating goals.   Contact our Executive Director Cindy here.

operating goals 2019-2020

Stakeholder Expectations

It is the goal of Hope Harbor better define our stakeholder's expectations.

We have identified the stakeholders of this ministry to include *Jesus *Residents *Families *Alumni *Staff *Donors *Communities *Governing Board *Advisory Board *Neighbors *Volunteers. We are committed to exploring both what our stakeholders expect of us and how we can better position ourselves to meet and even exceed those expectations.

Enhanced Communication

It is the goal of Hope Harbor to enhance communication within the ministry sites and boards.

As we expand the Hope Harbor ministry to more locations and adjust our board models to fit that expansion, we want to be sure that our communication as a ministry doesn’t suffer as a result of that growth.  We are committed to maintaining  clear communication and transparency between sites and boards.

Improved Aftercare

It is the goal of Hope Harbor to improve aftercare and family communication. 

We know that each family and teen served by Hope Harbor has unique aftercare needs once their programs have ended.  We are committed to further developing our aftercare program services to ease that transition home and best support our families and teens as they move into the next chapter of life and into the future with hope.

Maintain Stability

It is the goal of Hope Harbor to maintain long-range financial stability.

Hope Harbor does not turn families away for inability to cover full program fees. Tuition is a fraction of our operating budget; faithful donors are the backbone of our ability to serve families in need. We are committed to establishing security beyond our annual budget, to maintain financial security for the long term.

Enhance Awareness

It is the goal of Hope Harbor to enhance awareness of the ministry.

After 15 years, it’s amazing that some people still haven't heard of Hope Harbor.  We think that needs to change.  We are committed to getting the word out and to being equipped with valuable resources for families that are not quite ready to take that step for residential placement, or if all houses are full. 

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