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Resident Testimony

“Hope Harbor is the best gift my parents could give me. I learned so much here healing and using the tools they have given me. This motivation required wanting to dig in and do the work to fully heal and be fully equipped.” 2018 Resident

“I really love that this program has the whole family involved. They are not only involved in visits and passes, but in the equipping too. Parents learn and apply tools to their lives. It’s all connected. Intertwined. United.” 2018 Resident

“I can finally talk to my parents normally and have a good conversation with them. I learned how to treat them with respect and to accept them for who they are. I actually enjoy spending time with them now!” 2013 Resident

“As reluctant as I was in the beginning, I am grateful for all the coping skills I was taught and the memorizing of bible verses that have helped me deal with day to day living and encouragement. I’m thankful for Hope Harbor for showing me a second chance in life and teaching me skills that last a lifetime, that I can hand down to my two daughters of my own.” 2009 Resident

"I can say from personal experience I would not be where I am today without the support, love, and guidance shown to me while at Hope Harbor. The outpouring of love and kindness shown by the staff was incredible and was ultimately what set Hope Harbor apart from the other treatment facilities I had been treated at. Excellent people who genuinely love you and want the best for you and your family’s healing. Wonderful ministry." 2014 Resident

“I finished Hope Harbor a year ago and am still happier than ever.  Even though it was hard at first for my family and I, I realized that it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Hope Harbor is the best gift my parents will ever give me. The love, happiness, and faith from everyone there is something that will stick with me forever!” 2017 Resident

Parent Testimony

“My daughter is a positive, confident young lady who is now able to make good choices, even tough good choices. The change is wonderful and exciting!” Mother of 2009 Resident

“The change in our daughter is almost night and day.”  

Father of 2016 Resident

“My daughter’s stay at Hope Harbor was a necessary and positive environment during a critical time in her life. I am so thankful that Hope Harbor was available to her, with open arms, to help her during her emotional and spiritual crisis.” 

Mother of 2009 Resident

“The program and staff had a tremendous impact upon our family. Without the care we received, I doubt our daughter would still be alive much less thriving as much as she is now.  For me, the integrity and faith walked out by the staff gave me courage to trust not only them but other Christians again. It was a stepping stone to great healing in my own life.”  Mother of 2016 Resident

“Our family is by no means perfect. However, we have been better equipped as parents with tools to help raise our children more effectively. Our daughter has had the opportunity to be loved by and to learn life skills from some amazing Godly staff at Hope Harbor.”  

Parents of 2018 Resident

“I have seen many positive changes in my daughter...a desire to be chemical free, submit to authority, a softening of her heart, and an honesty and openness with me. The seeds have been planted. I believe God is just beginning to work in her life and that He has great plans for her.” 

Mother of 2009 Resident

Giving Back: Past Resident's Impact Today

2018 Updates

  • Elizabeth returned from a mission trip to Mexico City over spring break with the campus ministry she’s involved with at her college.
  • Kaelene is helping with the children's ministry at the church that her uncle has started in her community.
  • Drew volunteers at her church with the nursery and has recently returned from a missions trip to Haiti and Costa Rica.
  • Courtney returned from a mission trip to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico to share the gospel and help with building projects.
  • Emily has returned from mission trips to Guatemala and Belize with Habitat for Humanity, and serves the homeless in her community.

Drew's Journey

It's just easier with Jesus. 

This is Drew's journey...

Gabby's Journey

Discovering that your friends aren't you who thought they were can lead to a world of regret. But discovering that God really is who He says He is can change that world. This is Gabby's journey...

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