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Bring the message of hope to your area

Our team at Hope Harbor has a passion for providing valuable resources that will renew minds, restore relationships and further the kingdom of God.

One way we can do this is through classes and presentations offered to the community at large.  Our leadership and house staff love to share the Hope Harbor vision to groups of any size and can tailor each session to your particular audience.  Whether it's a church or small group setting, a public school assembly, a business luncheon, or keynote at a conference, we are committed to equipping teens, empowering parents and serving those in need through the hope of God's promises.

Hope Harbor offers classes and trainings on a variety of topics including:

  • Hope Harbor History and Vision
  • Hope Harbor Resident Testimony
  • Hope Harbor Site Expansion
  • Friendships and Boundaries
  • Parenting with Love and Logic
  • Social Media and Online Safety
  • Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

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Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world.

It is a public safety, health, and human rights issue occurring in our communities, yet sexual exploitation of youth in our area is commonly overlooked, misidentified, and undocumented.  

Hope Harbor has been involved in a variety of local initiatives targeted at bringing training and awareness to the community on the issue of sexual exploitation and trafficking of minors.   Most people don't want to admit this happening in their own backyard.  Until people are aware, this issue will grow.  

Parents and caregivers are often blind to what is happening to our teens.  Once the truth comes out, most are unequipped and unsure how to deal with what comes next. Below are some resources we recommend to help heal from the trauma of sexual exploitation and raise awareness to this cause.  Take the time to educate yourself. 

MN Safe Harbor Law

For the first time, Minnesota youth who engage in prostitution are viewed as victims and survivors, not criminals. They will be treated with dignity and respect, and directed to supportive services, and shelter and housing that meet their needs and recognize their right to make their own choices.  

No Wrong Door

No Wrong Door is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and multi-state agency approach in MN through the Safe Harbor Law. It ensures communities across Minnesota have the knowledge, skills and resources to effectively identify sexually exploited and at-risk youth. Youth are provided with victim-centered trauma-informed services and safe housing.

Sexually Exploited Youth

Minnesota law defines a sexually exploited youth as a person under the age of 18 who may be subject to sexual exploitation because they engaged, agreed to engage, or were forced into sexual conduct in return for a fee, food, clothing, or a place to stay.  A youth can also be sexually exploited if he or she has engaged in exotic dancing, been filmed doing sexual acts, traded sex for drugs, or has been found guilty of engaging in prostitution or prostitution-related crimes.

Minor Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Minor commercial sexual exploitation happens when an individual under the age of 18 engages in the commercial sexual activity.  A commercial sexual activity occurs when anything of value or a promise of anything of value is given to a person by any means in exchange for any type of sexual activity.  A third party may or may not be involved.  Anything of value is defined as money, drugs, food, shelter, rent, clothing, material goods, transportation, status in a gang or group, etc.

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Minnesota's sex trafficking law focuses on the behavior of the trafficker, determining whether that person recruited, received, harbored, or transported another person for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.  The MN law recognizes that a minor person can never consent to being sexually exploited.

Trafficking and Exploitation Resources

My Life My Choice Harnessing the strength of the collective voices of survivors, My Life My Choice empowers vulnerable youth to be agents of change in their own lives and in the movement to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children.  

Southwest Crisis Center Providing help, hope, and safety to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking through supportive services in SW Minnesota. Contact Southwest MN Safe Harbor Regional Navigator Allan Bakke at (507) 376-4311.

Olmstead County Victim Services Victim Services is a trusted resource for education, prevention, and empowerment of individuals, families, and communities impacted by crime.  Contact Southeast MN Safe Harbor Regional Navigator Laura Sutherland at (507) 328-7279.

Breaking Free Breaking Free is a MN-based nonprofit organization serving women and girls who have been involved in prostitution.

GEMS Serving and empowering girls and young women, and working to change the perception of commercially sexually exploited youth.

Hookers for Jesus Ministry founded by MN native Annie Lobert committed to helping the sexually exploited.  Recommended: read Annie's autobiography Fallen and watch her testimony here.  

Local Contacts

For emergency, call 911 

Marshall Contact Lyon County dispatch non emergency (507) 537-7000

Winona Contact Winona County dispatch non emergency (507) 457-6368

Southwest Crisis Center Youth Outreach, call 1-800-376-4311 or text 1-218-666-8336

To reach Day One Hotline, call 1-866-223-1111.

Disclaimer Regarding Resources

Hope Harbor desires to provide relevant, accurate information to encourage and enrich the lives of others.  All resources listed on this website are merely suggestions.  Some resources listed may be used within our program; others may be personal favorites of our staff and volunteers; still others may be recommendations from other professionals in the field.  

Hope Harbor makes every reasonable attempt to research every resource we post and to regularly update all information and sources.  Hope Harbor does not directly endorse, nor are we necessarily affiliated with, any resource, service, organization, author or teacher listed on the pages herein, nor do we receive any compensation for the mention of any resource, website, author, video, etc.