dinner for Hope in Parker


bringing hope harbor to parker, sd

Join us for Dinner for Hope in Parker

This dinner will be hosted by Hope Harbor at the soon-to-be Hope Harbor Parker Location. We'll be sharing the vision of Hope Harbor and guests will have the opportunity to partner with us.  

Please feel free to invite a guest (and rvsp) that would have an interest in learning more about Hope Harbor!

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Questions?  Contact Site Director Jon Setzer via email at jon.setzer@hopeharbormn.org

Dinner for Hope

Friday March 22, 2019 


101 East Street South

Parker, SD 57053


We must be the change we expect to see.  Join Hope Harbor as we raise up a godly generation of young men and young women with their identity rooted in Jesus Christ.   Healing past hurts. Empowering renewed minds. Equipping young hearts to impact the world for God.