Admission -- Tuition-- Placement

A life-changing commitment for the teen and the entire family, a refuge for healing teens.

Hope Harbor is not a quick fix or crisis intervention.  It is a commitment for the entire family.  Prayerfully consider program requirements and expectations before submitting application materials for our group setting program.

Teens at Hope Harbor in need of help

Hope Harbor is a volunteer placement residential program sought by the teen or parent.  Referrals by the legal system, probation, social services or other facilities may be considered if family will honor participation requirements.

Hope Harbor is a life-changing commitment for the teen and the entire family

Application Materials

submit an application for teens at Hope Harbor

Submit application online here.  Scroll to the end of this page for a downloadable print version.

submit a release of information for placement at hope harbor.

Submit release online here.  Scroll to the end of this page for a downloadable print version.

submit application fee for placement at hope harbor.

Submit $150 non-refundable application fee through secure link below, or mail a check to location site.

Tuition and Admissions Process

Teens at Hope Harbor heal and are set free from the pain of their past.

Program Fees

Tuition at Hope Harbor is $3500 a month per resident, with an expected program duration of approximately 12 months.

A fraction of the cost of other private or state-run facilities, it is our mission to meet the needs of all whom God sends.  

Our Director works with every family individually to generate a payment plan specific to their needs, ensuring that every family can contribute to their daughter's tuition based on their income.

Families are responsible for their teen's incidentals including but not limited to: uniforms, occasional class material, monthly allowance, med refills, monthly basic needs, medical and care appointments and other costs as they may arise.

Admission Process

Admissions Process is generally as follows:

  • Initial phone or email inquiry  
  • Telephone Interview between guardian(s) and intake staff
  • Submission of Admission Application, Release of Information, and Application Fee (links above or download and print below)
  • Application fee is $150 (applicable to account if placement occurs) and does not guarantee interview or intake
  • Upon review of application, an on-site family interview may be scheduled for guardian(s) and teen 
  • Placement will not occur the day of the interview, and the interview does not guarantee placement
  • Families will be notified within three business days as to a decision

Exclusions and Requirements

Teens at Hope Harbor.

Teen Requirements

  • Female, age 12-17
  • Reside within 3-hour driving distance of Hope Harbor
  • Mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems
  • No alcohol or drug dependency
  • No active suicidal threats
  • No history of sexual offense or perpetration
  • Not currently pregnant
  • Must have health insurance
  • Commit to program duration of 12-15 months
  • Requirements are not limited to this list 
  • Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis 

Teens at Hope Harbor

Parent Requirements

  • Reside within 3-hour driving distance of Hope Harbor
  • Attend weekly biblical counseling and parenting classes
  • Sign agreement contract and permission forms
  • Agree to Parent Handbook
  • Participate in teen's program including mail, phone calls, visits and passes
  • Commit to consistently pay pre-arranged tuition
  • Positively support your teen
  • Commit to program duration of 12-15 months

Teens at Hope Harbor.


  • We are not a drug/alcohol treatment facility  
  • Current addictions must be addressed through completion of an outside program to detox prior to placement  
  • We are not medically equipped to admit teens currently pregnant
  • We work with physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists to monitor meds and health issues. Those providers bill costs to parents and insurance.
  • We are not a quick fix, short term, respite or crisis center. Program duration is approximately one year.

Downloadable Application Materials

If you prefer to print and mail the application materials, downloadable versions are available here.  Please submit your $150 application fee with these materials to begin the application processing.