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Check back soon for an updated list of the current confirmed staffing positions for the Winona home!

Winona Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board members serve in a voluntary capacity to support Hope Harbor through leadership, wise counsel, planning, fundraising and prayer; elements that are key to the smooth operations of the ministry. Each Advisory Board member brings personal gifts and talents from backgrounds and professions to maximize the impact of Hope Harbor on the families we serve, the community in which we operate, and further God's Kingdom as a whole.  

Board members also volunteer in a variety of ways within the ministry; tutoring, interceding, teaching, administrating, fundraising, and more. Our Board is a vital team that works together to keep us operating at our full potential. Contact us here if you are interested in finding out more about our board or are interested in serving a term!

Organizational Chart

Current Board of Directors

Jan Karjala, Chair   --   Steve Baumgart, Vice Chair

Cheri Looman, Secretary/Treasurer        

Maryann Dennis  -- Nancy Denzer

Pastor Ben Sadler  --  Sarah Huerta

Steve Nett  -- Tammy Lozenski

Victor Vieth  --  Dorothy Ruppert, Ex Officio  

Joyce Rocco, Ex Officio  --  Pastor Sammy Gondola, Ex Officio

Claudia Stenson, Founder, Ex Officio   --  Cindy McKittrick, Executive Director