Hope harbor winona

After more than a decade of ministry, Hope Harbor is expanding with a second location in Winona, Minnesota!  The Winona home will serve teen girls from southeast and metro Minnesota, northwest Wisconsin, and northern Iowa.  The catalyst for the Winona project was sparked by a house owned by Pleasant Valley Church in Winona, with volunteers from the entire community stepping up to join the team.  

Dorothy Ruppert and Joyce Rocco have volunteered as interim Site Directors, and Tammy Lozinski is coordinating home renovations.  The Marshall home will train staff who will serve in the Winona home, which we hope will open in 2017.  God is truly on the move, and we are along for the ride as He fulfills the mission to, "equip teens, empower parents, and serve those in need by anchoring them to the hope of God's promises." 

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Winona, MN

The city of Winona, located on the Mississippi River in southeastern Winona County, Minnesota, boasts a rich legacy of historic buildings, beautiful scenery, abundant recreation, and a thriving economy.  Yet despite all this city has to offer, the teens living in Winona and the surrounding areas are not immune to the devastating trends rising in our nation today. 

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Learn more about the Winona project, including funding needs, staffing plans, program overview, and more here (abridged version) or here (extended version)

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Answering the call

"'The call of God is like the call of the sea…no one hears it except the person who has the nature of the sea in him.' Oswald Chamber’s words rang clear at our first Hope Harbor meeting in Winona. I knew God was calling me to become involved in the expansion project; I didn’t know it would be to co-serve as Interim Site Director! Yet His joy fills my life as He reveals His purposes and leads me step by step. His marvelous grace unfolds as our “God-called” team works diligently to open the Winona home with the prayers and encouragement of Marshall." 

Dorothy Ruppert, Hope Harbor Winona

"Hope Harbor is a place of refuge and hope my family would have welcomed for our own daughter 30 years ago. Our family was in distress, and none of the interventions we as parents tried worked; not the family environment, outside friendships, church, educational opportunities, counseling, or even legal restraint. Our anguish was soothed by tears, prayers, and support from others enduring similar pain. Since learning about Hope Harbor, I see how our family’s struggle could have been redeemed through a program like this. Our daughter would have received the intensive and loving training, teaching and nurturing of Hope Harbor to develop more fully into God’s designed plan for her. My own experiences as a parent of a struggling teen have tenderized my heart for families today who experience devastating challenges that rob the family of joy. My desire is to see Jesus become the real personal Lord and Master early in the lives of these girls. Hope Harbor is just such a home for God’s redemptive work to flourish. I am thanking God that He redeems, restores and transforms every day!" 

Joyce Rocco, Hope Harbor Winona