resident activities

Part of healing is having fun! Hope Harbor is committed to organizing fun and safe activities for our teens to keep them smiling, learning, and focused on Christ, showing them what a new life with the Lord has to offer.  

These opportunities teach the girls to live a healthy life with coaching in manners, social skills, spiritual discipline and development of leisurely activities. A structured, consistent daily schedule helps residents know what is expected of them. Activities give them something to look forward to, and often an opportunity to discover and use their gifts!

To get involved in resident activities, contact us here. Activities, past and current, include:

  • Weekly YMCA trips for fitness, weights, and more                           • ONE Event

  • Hiking at local city, county, and state parks                                       • Field trips to local farms

  • Crafts (in home, out of home, classes taught, etc)                           • Chapel at Hope Harbor weekly

  • Music lessons taught weekly                                                             • Sewing/Crocheting/Knitting

  • Bible Studies                                                                                      • Tennis, volleyball, basketball, and other sports

  • Bon fires and water wars in the summer                                           • Lake day

  • Attendance at local events                                                                 • Cooking classes with local sororities

  • Spa day                                                                                               • Dinner invites to homes of supporters