is Hope Harbor right for my family?

Placement at Hope Harbor is a commitment for the entire family, and it is important that families carefully consider the requirements and expectations of our program.

General Client Base Requirements

(include but are not limited to, with exceptions made on case by case basis)

                                  Teen                                                                                                                  Parent

-Female, age 12-17                                                                                         -Reside within 3-hour driving distance of Hope Harbor

-Reside within a 3-hour drive of Hope Harbor                                           -Attend weekly counseling and parenting classes on site

-Mild to moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems                       -Sign agreement contract and permission forms  

-No alcohol or drug dependency                                                                  -Agree to and comply with Parent Handbook

-No active suicidal or homicidal threats                                                       -Participate in phone calls and mail

-No history of sexual offending behavior or perpetration                         -Participate in visits and passes as scheduled

-Not currently pregnant                                                                                  -Commit to consistently pay their pre-arranged tuition

-Must have health insurance                                                                         -Agree to positively support teen and Hope Harbor 

-Commitment to program average stay of 12–15 months                        -Commit to program duration of 12-15 months

As a ministry, healing is sought through freedom in Christ to address spiritual issues. We work with local/family physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists to monitor medication and physical health issues as necessary.  


  • We are not a drug/alcohol treatment facility. Teens with current addictions must complete an outside program to detox and address addiction issues prior to placement at Hope Harbor.  Teens with past history of substance abuse/use but without current addiction may be considered for our program.
  • We are not medically equipped to admit teens who are currently pregnant.  Teens with past history of pregnancy may be considered for our program.