Program Admission

Hope Harbor is a volunteer placement first sought by the teen or the teen's guardian, with the teen part of the entire admission process.  Teens involved in the legal system or referred by probation, social services, or other facilities may be considered for admission, with the same family participation requirements.

Placement at Hope Harbor is a commitment on the part of the teen and the entire family. We are not a quick fix or crisis intervention, and with expected program duration of one year, it is important that each family carefully consider the requirements and expectations of Hope Harbor prior to admission.

Admissions process is generally as follows:

-Application fee is $150 (applicable to account if placement occurs) and does not guarantee interview or intake.

-Upon review of application, an on-site family interview may be scheduled for parent(s)/guardian(s) and teen.  Placement will not occur the day of the interview and interview does not guarantee placement.  

Families will be notified within 3 business days of interview as to decision.

Downloadable Versions

Admission Application

Release of Information

program fees

Tuition at Hope Harbor is a fraction of the cost of other private or state-run facilities, at $3000 a month per resident, with an expected program duration of approximately 12 months. 

It is our mission to meet the needs of all whom God sends to us.  

Our Director works with every family to generate a payment plan based on each family's income and needs, ensuring that every family can contribute to their daughter's tuition based on their income. 

Families are responsible for their teen's incidentals such as uniforms, occasional class material, monthly teen allowance, med refills, monthly basic needs, medical and other appointments, and other costs as they may arise.